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February 2nd, 2019, San José – Costa Rica

The Stage

The conference will cover a wide range of game-changing industry topics such as women in blockchain, TV & lifestyle, real estate, tokenization in B2B and a variety of blockchain use cases from different industries. Listen to more than 10 international speakers and industry experts presenting their keynotes, panel talks and fireside chats.

Featured Talks & Speakers

TicoBlockchain will be the first major blockchain conference in the country highlighting the potential of the blockchain technology in Central America.

These are some of the great speakers we will have:

Roberto Ponce

Invermaster, Managing Director


Managing Partner at Crypto Assets and FinTech Fund, and Partner at CoreCo Private Equity. Founder of Invermaster, an investment banking boutique and a venture capital firm for Latin America with offices in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Miami. Mr. Ponce had a stellar career in Bain & Company, where he served in all positions from Analyst to Senior Manager sponsor of the Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs in INCAE. He holds a MBA degree from INCAE Business School, an Aeronautical Engineer from the Argentinean Air Force and a private pilot.


Chen Zur

EY Partner, Americas Blockchain Lead

Chen leads EY’s Americas Blockchain practice, working together with clients and industry leaders on the development and adoption of practical Blockchain based innovative business solutions.
He is a strong believer in Blockchain’s potential to revolutionize the way we do business, interact safely with each other and create a better working world for all of us. Chen holds an MBA from Ono Academic College, and a bachelor’s degree in accounting as well as a CPA certification.

Pelle Braendgaard

Founder and Engineering Lead

Uport (part of Consensys)

Pelle Braendgaard is a founder and technical leader for Uport, the identity platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. He has more than 20 years of experience working with internet technologies and cryptography in Europe, USA, and Latin America.

Karla Córdoba-Brenes

BeSpiral & Sustainability School CoFounder

Passionate about sustainability, innovation, new types of money, exponential tech and organizations… but mostly, I believe in our capacity to transform the world in a better place. Karla is the cofounder of BeSpiral which aims to leverage Blockchain technology to create secure and transparent community currencies towards meeting positive social and environmental goals.

– Shuttleworth Fellow
– Singularity University Alumni
– UCI Empowering Sustainability Fellow
– TIC-as Women in Tech Costa Rica Member

Dmitriy Ryajov

CTO Mustekala

Dmitriy is the CTO of Mustekala, a project of Metamask Labs, which aims to make Ethereum blockchain data available to a peer-to-peer network of light clients. He is also a experienced developer in Javascript, Typescrypt and various blockchain related technologies.

Gerardo Corrales

Economic Consultant, Retired Banker

Gerardo is one of Costa Rica’s leading economic minds with many years of experience in banking and finance. He has written various articles on the state of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the country. He was the General Manager of BAC San Jose (part of BAC Credomatic), the largest private bank in the country. He holds and MBA in Bank and Finance from INCAE Business School. He is also a professor and regular speaker at both INCAE and Lead University in Costa Rica.

Mauricio E. Lara

Partner, InterTax

Mr. Lara is a Costa Rican attorney authorized to practice law in the Republic of Costa Rica. He specializes in providing legal consulting in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and international tax planning for individuals and companies from Latin America investing in the US and US individuals and companies investing in Latin America. He is a member and partner of InterTax a legal and accounting services firm with offices in Weston, Brickell and Orlando, FL and San José, Costa Rica.

Mr. Lara’s has ample experience on both US tax compliance regulations as well as tax compliance and business structuring for foreign investments in Latin America by these US persons. He has been advising crypto businesses since late 2013.

Josh Hughes

COO and Founder of BlackSheep

Joshua grew up working in his family’s auto-salvage business in Medford, Oregon. Through working in the auto-salvage industry, he learned the real value of what many consider “waste.” In his early adulthood, he developed a secure recycling business in the Pacific Northwest.

Joshua became politically activated after 9/11 and soon left his office job to work as an activist and helped found a biofuels cooperative. In 2006, he relocated to Costa Rica and founded VerdEnergia, where he has acted as general manager since. Joshua founded the Shangri-Lanas forestry project and Blacksheep soon after.

Otto Mora

Manager EY, Advisory Services

Otto is one of the leading blockchain advocates in Costa Rica and co-founder of the Costa Rica Blockchain Asociation (AsoBlockchain). He is currently a manager at EY where he leads the development of blockchain prototypes based on Ethereum and Quorum. He has over 11 years of experience, including 6 in Technology / Strategy Consulting with Big 4 firms. His previous experiences include: Leading the development of a blockchain based cross-border payments solutions (using Stellar and Ripple) integrated with a Digital Bank prototype. Managing an offshore blockchain software development team to coordinate the release of the Android and iOS apps for a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) based on 0x (Ethereum decentralized token exchange protocol).

Philipp von

CTO Nimiq

Nimiq co-Creator, and Blockchain Tech Lead. He holds BA from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and an MA from the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science. He is a PhD student to Professor Michael Backes at the Information Security and Cryptography Group at CISPA (Center for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Accountability). Built award-winning software AppGuard (over 2 million downloads, German IT Security Award) and Boxify (CeBIT Innovation Award). Published in several journals and technical reports. Personal passion for Blockchain technology and making security usable without compromising.

Xavier Fernández

EOS Costa Rica

 Xavier leads the developers, manages staging and production environments including data transfer, backup / recovery plans and deploys launch ready web applications. He also contributes to strategic planning, including business plan & tactics development. More recently, Xavier is vital to the implementation of nodes to supporting open and decentralized blockchain networks like EOS.

Carlos Araya

Central Law

Associate in CENTRAL LAW in Costa Rica; Master in Business Administration; expertise in Due Diligence and Multijurisdictional M&A, AML, Trusts, and Corporate Governance; certified as Mediator/Conciliator; Real Estate Development and Foreign Investment; active member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica; Attorney of the Institute for Corporate Governance and Director of the Pro Bono Committee of the Bar Association of Costa Rica

Daniel Rojas

Crypto Educator

Daniel is on a mission to boost cryptocurrency adoption through education and useful applications, providing freedom to its users. He launched CryptoReds as a platform for learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. His experience in the cryptospace include mining, OTC selling and writing articles for cryptonews sites like BitsOnline.

He is among the leaders of the Bitcoin Costa Rica community and a co-founder of the Costa Rica Blockchain Asociation (AsoBlockchain). As a bachelor in electronic engineering, Daniel is passionate on the impact that cryptocurrencies have on technology, economy, society and freedom.


Clare Politano

Software Developer
Regen Network

Clare is a software engineer weaving tech and ecology to create a regenerative future. Her mission is engaging blockchain and machine learning to scale regenerative agriculture to global food production. At Regen Network, Clare is building a blockchain-enabled commons that tracks, verifies, and rewards ecological performance.

She is an advocate for underrepresented people in tech, and the founder of pay transparency and pay equity platform PayCheck.


Julio Córdoba

Trial Attorney

Julio is a trial lawyer, psychologist and specialist in neuromarketing. Speaker, trainer and student of computer law, new technologies and cryptocurrency.

Esteban Cairol

Winner CR Blockchain Hackathon

Esteban is a fullstack developer with more than 15 years of experience in web technologies. He was recently the winner one of a blockchain hackathon in Costa Rica.

Jake Simmons

Software Developer
Lisk Central Ameica

Jake is an experienced Software Engineer with 10 years of successfully implementing and maintaining processes that seamlessly evolve around software and hardware interfaces. He has a entrepreneurial mindset that has led him to work with some of North Americas top incubators. This mindset has brought him into the blockchain space and is the Founder of Lisk Central America. A organization that is focused on bringing Blockchain technology to Central America


Gabo Esquivel

EOS Costa Rica

Gabo is a co-founder of EOS Costa Rica and one of the leading blockchain developers in the country. He also previously led the local Javascript development community and worked in various blockchain startups.

Austin Davis

Blockchain Beach

Austin Davis is the Founder & CEO of Blockchain Beach, DCORP ONE, Caiyuan West & BNFT, Blockchain Think Tank – specializing in R&D, product development (, consulting and education in the blockchain technology space. Primary focus is on real world use cases for blockchain technology, such as: supply chain, robotics, decentralized transportation protocols, smart cities, manufacturing, retail & POS, inventory control, identity, human resources, immigration & refugee population management, agriculture, etc. He holds a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering + Bachelors in Industrial & Information Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is also well versed in Smart Contracts, Solidity, Java, Node.js, C++, React Native, ERC Protocol(s), DApps & DLT. An avid entrepreneur with a passion for efficiency driven technology to benefit all humanity.

Tammo and Julian


Tammo Mamedi and Julian Bauer are some of Overnice’s founders and focus on the strategy and concept. Overnice is a brand and product agency from Berlin, Germany that focuses on strategic digital user experiences and out of the ordinary communication. Besides clients like Vodafone, Skype or institutions like the German Foreign Office, overnice is working passionately with projects of the distributed ledger technologies.

Sebastian Roberts

Intermesh Solutions Ltd.

Sebastian’s diverse business background includes co-founding Leap Botanicals Ltd., a Vancouver-based food company
collaborating with Holochain to produce a commodity-backed cryptocurrency. Sebastian has been trading cryptocurrency since 2013 and has participated in fundraising millions of dollars for multiple ICOs. With this in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency and diverse background in tokenomics and exponential
growth technologies, he is uniquely positioned to guide investors through the future of innovation.


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